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To Have and to Hold: Thoughts on Successful Marriage

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Dr. Val Farmer, clinical psychologist has just published a new book, "To Have and To Hold: Thoughts on Successful Marriage." As a pioneering psychologist in rural mental health, his researched-based weekly column has been a steady and wise influence in peoples' lives throughout rural America. The book contains marital advice garnered from his 36 years of experience counseling couples and families and previously published in his weekly column. The material has been edited and integrated so the book doesn't read as a book of collected columns.

Dr. Sean Brotherson, Professor of Child Development and Family Science, North Dakota State University, comments, "To Have and To Hold" is vintage Val Farmer: direct, wise, and common sense, and belongs at the bedside of every couple who wants their marriage to be one on understanding, commitment, and love."

Peter Schmidt, senior pastor at the Faith Lutheran Church in West Fargo, ND concurs. He states, "His book, based on a lifetime of personal experience and the best scholarly research, is filled with sound theory and practical ideas. It is the best scientific and human wisdom made available to pastors, counselors - to all of us."

Practical advice on topics such as dealing with differences, emotional intimacy, effective communication, negotiations, apologies and forgiveness are a few examples of the range Dr. Farmer covers. The book makes an excellent gift to engaged couples, newlyweds or to a spouse for an anniversary or Christmas present.

Val and his wife Darlene have celebrated 49 years of marriage. They have seven children and 28 grandchildren. He and his wife formerly lived in Mitchell, SD from 1975-1978 before moving to Huron and Rapid City and then to Fargo ND where they resided nine years. In 2006, Dr. Farmer moved to Wildwood, Missouri to be closer to family and to continue his work with farm families.

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