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Family Life: It Takes Time  (July 2011)

Advice To Farm Women: Try Honey Instead Of Vinegar (July 2011)

The Best Is Yet To Be (July 2011)

Dispelling Fears About A Mormon President (July 2011)

Irrational Attachment To A Farm (July 2011)

How Goals Fit Into Our Lives  (July 2011)

Can You Farm Together? Tough Questions Require Honest Assessment (July 2011)

Pornography Has Destructive Impact On Individuals And Society  (July 2011)

How To Define Boundaries In Close Relationships (June 2011)

Dr. Farmer Expresses His Appreciation Of Rural Life (June 2011)

Confronting A One-Sided Marriage  (June 2011)

What Does It Take To Be A Man? (June 2011)

How To Grow A Legacy Of Family Farming  (June 2011)

Graduation Advice: Climbing To The Pinnacle Of Success (June 2011)

Sons In The Limelight Make Poor Husbands  (May 2011)

How Committment Makes Marriage Last  (May 2011)

Seven Tips For Getting Along With Teenagers (May 2011)

Farmers And Retirement: Do You Hope Or Plan? (May 2011)

Advice For Tough Times (May 2011)

What Is Happiness? (May 2011)

What Experts And Advisors Need To Know About Farmers (May 2011)

Communications Are Crucial When Diagnosis Is Grim (April 2011)

Being Pioneers In The Epic Of Our Own Lives  (April 2011)

Preparing Rural Youths For The Future  (April 2011)

What To Do When An Adult Child Comes Home To Live (March 2011)

Letting Go Is The Last Step In Parenting  (February 2011)

Seven Likely Causes For Farm Divorce (February 2011)

Why And When Marriage Counseling Works (February 2011)

Persistent Marital Conflict? Quit The Battle - Get Into Counseling (February 2011)

The Role Of Affection In Romantic Relationships (February 2011)

What Is Behind A Farm Couple's Divorce (February 2011)

What To Do If You Suspect Suicidal Risk (January 2011)

Stepfathers Rush Into Minefields Where Angels Fear To Tread (January 2011)

"Does He Have Someone Else?" "Yes, The Farm" (January 2011)

Living Together Is A Problem - Not A Solution (January 2011)

How Urban And Rural Values Differ (December 2010)

How Urban And Rural Values Differ (December 2010)

Conversations Are Like Handling China (November 2010)

"Giving Is The Best Part Of Thanksgiving" (November 2010)

Why Farmers Need Balance In Their Lives (November 2010)

Giving The Gift Of Time And Attention (November 2010)

Our Polluted Moral Environment (November 2010)

How Can You Tell If Your Children Are Grown Up (November 2010)

How Farm Debt Causes Marital Problems (November 2010)

What A Difference Positive Self-Esteem Makes  (October 2010)

Searching For Fast Food Or A Real Banquet? (October 2010)

Is Violence Ever Justified? (October 2010)

The Pride Factor In Agriculture Has A Price (October 2010)

Many Forms Of Forgiveness (October 2010)

Finding A Healthy Balance Between Generations (October 2010)

Is Sports The Real Religion Of Rural Communities? (October 2010)

Failure: A Stepping Stone On The Pathway To Success (September 2010)

Farmers Facing The Challenges Of Widowhood (September 2010)

Watch Your Language! Your Body Language (September 2010)

Kindness Is A Habit Of The Heart (September 2010)

Getting Serious About Leisure  (September 2010)

How Farmers Learn To Live With High Risk Decisions (September 2010)

When Parents Fight, Children Suffer (August 2010)

Which Is Better:The Work Ethic Or The Leisure Ethic? Or Both? (August 2010)

How To Resolve Conflict In A Farm Family Business (August 2010)

Peer Groups Can Have Positive Influence On Teens (August 2010)

Husbands And Wives Air Their Common Complaints (August 2010)

Workaholism Leads To Farm Family Unhappiness (August 2010)

Growing Older? Contiue To Make Memories (July 2010)

How Sudden Death Complicates Grief (July 2010)

Where Does Safety Rank In Terms Of Farm Priorities? (July 2010)

How Sudden Death Complicates Grief (July 2010)

How Attachment Bonds Form And Endure (July 2010)

Your Farm Is As Only As Good As Your Help (July 2010)

Procrastination: The Thief Of Time (July 2010)

Divorce Isn't Always The Answer To Unhappiness (June 2010)

Family Business Meeting Key To Success In Family Farming (June 2010)

Too Many Children Are Being Spoiled and Pampered (June 2010)

How To Bring Back The Intimacy You Once Shared (June 2010)

Can City-Raised Women Adjust To Country Life? (June 2010)

Cohabitation: An Enemy To Marriage (June 2010)

Nine Tips For Mixing Work And Marriage (May 2010)

Advice For June Brides And Grooms  (May 2010)

Why And When Do People Respect The Law (May 2010)

What It Means To Belong To A Rural Community (May 2010)

A Message For 2010 Graduates (May 2010)

Farmer Explains Employer Practices And Struggles  (May 2010)

Grandparents Make A Difference (May 2010)

Remarriage and Parenting: How To Get Through The Minefield (April 2010)

Myths Of Masculinity Get In The Way Of Safe Farming  (April 2010)

Can One Person Save A Relationship? (April 2010)

How Important Is A Sense Of Humor? (April 2010)

Alcoholics Describe Their Journey Of Recovery (April 2010)

Are You And Your Lender On The Same Side Of the Desk? (April 2010)

Are You And Your Spouse Best Friends? (March 2010)

Looking Back On Life's Special Moments (March 2010)

Emerging Threats To Rural Lifestyle (March 2010)

Professionals Describe Journey Into Alcoholism  (March 2010)

Dr. Farmer's Advice On Stalled Courtships (March 2010)

Dr. Farmer's Advice On Stalled Courtships (March 2010)

Longstanding Marriages Need Adventure, Excitement (March 2010)

Community Leadership Has A Price But Also Rewards (March 2010)

With Impending Death, There Is The Gift Of Life (February 2010)

A Purpose Driven Life (February 2010)

Things I Wish Farm Families Understood (February 2010)

How I Met Your Mother (February 2010)

Love Is A Banquet With Many Courses (February 2010)

Farming In Uncertain Times  (February 2010)

What Makes Marriages Last? (January 2010)

How Small Groups Make Bad Decisions (January 2010)

How Children Learn To Care For Others (January 2010)

Leading Others To Lead Themselves (January 2010)

Advice For Family Businesses, Operate Like A Business! (January 2010)

Loving Actions Create Feelings Of Love  (January 2010)

Why Teen Relationships Are So Important (December 2009)

Death Brings Life Into Perspective (December 2009)

How Urban And Rural Values Differ (December 2009)

Being Smart About Christmas Spending (December 2009)

Lying In Everyday Life (December 2009)

Understanding The Motivations Of Farmers (December 2009)

A Difficult Skill - The Art Of Taking Criticism (November 2009)

Coping Strategies For Times Of Crisis (November 2009)

Parent-Teacher Partnerships Bridge Two Worlds (November 2009)

Rural Youths And The Big World Out There (November 2009)

Parenting Lays The Foundation For Education (November 2009)

Ending The Impasse Of Pursuing Wives and Withdrawing Husbands (November 2009)

Is There Such A Thing As Rural Mental Health? (November 2009)

Meet The Person Behind The Disability (October 2009)

How And When Anger Backfires (October 2009)

Why Change Is Hard In Small Towns (October 2009)

How Soothing Helps Trauma Victims (October 2009)

Seven Ways To Help Make Dad's Retirement Easy - er - Easier (October 2009)

Some Men Are Worth Divorcing, Some Are Not (October 2009)

Reasons For Abstinence In Dating And Courtship (September 2009)

Guiding Children To Be Generous And Loving Adults (September 2009)

Ag Financial Counselors Advice: State Early, Get Help (September 2009)

Reasons For Abstinence In Dating And Courtship (September 2009)

Ag Financial Counselors Advice: Start Early, Get Help (September 2009)

Guiding Children To Be Generous And Loving Adults (September 2009)

How Guilt Protects Relationships (September 2009)

Don't Fight Fire With Fire - Or Ice (September 2009)

Whining Or Frustration: Which Is It? (September 2009)

Off To College - Here's How To Succeed (August 2009)

Does Love Have Limits? (August 2009)

Does Wisdom Increase With Age? (August 2009)

Reasons Why Farmers Whine So Much (August 2009)

Advice For The Newlyweds Davis and Andra  (August 2009)

Ten Ways We Can Grow From A Crisis (August 2009)

A Story Of How A Farm Became A Prison (August 2009)

Yup! These Are My Readers (August 2009)

What To Do About An Anger Problem (July 2009)

Readers Respond: Keep On Writing (July 2009)

How To Help Farm Families Facing Financial Trouble (July 2009)

Pornography, Virtual Reality Pose Danger to Marriage (July 2009)

Why Fathers Matter? (July 2009)

Why The Farm Competes With The Family (July 2009)

Openness To Marital Complaints Makes A Difference (June 2009)

Letter Encourages Dr. Farmer To Keep On Writing (June 2009)

Even The Right Advice Can Backfire (June 2009)

In-Law Relationships In Family Farming (June 2009)

Defining Emotional And Verbal Abuse (June 2009)

Why Do Farmers Avoid Counseling? (June 2009)

How Teens Learn To Take Initiative (June 2009)

Ending An Affair (May 2009)

There Is No Excuse For An Affair (May 2009)

Four Sore Points In Inter-Generational Farming (May 2009)

Staying Young While Growing Old (May 2009)

When Should Children Come Back To Farm (May 2009)

How Fathers-In-Law And Sons-In-Law Can Relate (May 2009)

Daughter-In-Law Aloof And Uncaring (April 2009)

When Do Sports Stop Being Fun? (April 2009)

Rural Peer Pressure Powerful and Pervasive (April 2009)

Why Do Some People Cope Better Than Others? (April 2009)

Five Barriers To Estate Planning  (April 2009)

Readers Respond: A Doctor Of What? (April 2009)

The Delicate Role Of Mother-In-Law (March 2009)

Warm Greetings Add Sparkle To Marriage (March 2009)

Farm Crisis Of Mid-80s Compared To Mortgage Crisis (March 2009)

What Makes A Top Notch Organization (March 2009)

Leave A Legacy Of Love (March 2009)

A Poor Listener Asks For Help (March 2009)

How To Keep Love Alive (February 2009)

This Love Story Will Never End (February 2009)

Farmers, How Do You Live With Risk? (February 2009)

Stopping The Slide Toward Divorce In Farm Marriages (February 2009)

Three Special Ways To Show Love (February 2009)

SSLANTTT: Where Courtesy, Respect Begins And Love Blossoms (January 2009)

Success Goes Well Beyond Farming (January 2009)

Making The Most Of The New Year (January 2009)

Growing Up In Alcoholic Home Cause of Marriage Problems (January 2009)

Pride: The Bottom Of All Great Mistakes (January 2009)

Do You Have The Proper Pedigree? (January 2009)

The Difference Between Pride And Self-Esteem (December 2008)

Even Half-Hearted Resolutions Have Value (December 2008)

An Empty Nest, A Really Empty Nest (December 2008)

Harsh And Hostile: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree (December 2008)

T'is The Season For Holiday Stress (December 2008)

Emotional Abandonment Takes Toll On Marriage (December 2008)

Silence Is Power - It Drives Women Crazy (December 2008)

Readers Respond: Boys Who Love The Farm Too Much Grow Up (December 2008)

Avoiding Hassles With An Ex-Spouse  (November 2008)

Fall Weather Poses Major Stress For Farmers (November 2008)

How Young Couples Manage Money: Hard Times Or Not (November 2008)

Raising Teenagers Is Hard but Payoffs Are Great (November 2008)

When Tough Love Becomes Your Only Option (November 2008)

When Sons Love The Farm Too Much (November 2008)

Coping With The Tough Times That Lie Ahead  (October 2008)

Breaking the Pursue/Withdraw Impasse (October 2008)

You Don't Manage Creativity, You Manage For Creativity (October 2008)

How Does Love Blossom And Grow? (October 2008)

When Grandparents Raise Grandchildren (October 2008)

Don't Let Farming Get In The Way Of Parenting (October 2008)

Letting Go Of Parenting Not Easy To Do (September 2008)

View Of Morality Underlies Voting (September 2008)

Small Town Leadership At It's Best (September 2008)

How Tantrums Take A Toll On Relationships (September 2008)

One Trip, Three Reunions (September 2008)

What It Takes To Be A Good Parent In Today's Culture (September 2008)

Sense of Community, Place Important To Rural Residents (September 2008)

Single Again, Finding A Life Partner Worthy Of You (August 2008)

Does Divorce Help Or Harm Children? (August 2008)

What I Wish Farm Families Knew About Farm Management (August 2008)

Teaching Children About Marriage (August 2008)

What Kind Of A Spender Are You? (August 2008)

Book On Family Farming Needed (August 2008)

Love As A Way Of Life (July 2008)

Seven Values To Shape Your Life (July 2008)

Drinking Buddies Promote Big Lie: Everything Is OK  (July 2008)

Flood Victims Face Tough Road (July 2008)

Guidelines For Marital Communications (July 2008)

How Couples Negotiate Their Differences (June 2008)

Are We Too Old For This? (June 2008)

Helping Young Adults Be On Their Own (June 2008)

Partnership Makes A Big Difference For Farm Women (June 2008)

Why Are Teen Breakups So Painful (June 2008)

Creating Unity In Farm Marriages (June 2008)

Teaching Children To Become Responsible And Caring Adults (June 2008)

Coaching Listening Skills May Help Couples (May 2008)

Five Ways To Gain Control Of Your Life (May 2008)

How To Make Family Farming Work (May 2008)

After An Affair, Confession Demonstrates Loyalty (May 2008)

Beware Of Greed During Good Years (May 2008)

A Tribute To Mothers (May 2008)

How Is Your Marriage Doing? (April 2008)

Being Right Takes Toll On Marriage (April 2008)

Unspoken Rules For Country Living (April 2008)

Divide Your Estate, Not Your Family (Part Two) (April 2008)

Divide Your Estate, Not Your Family (Part One) (April 2008)

Role Of Creativity In Farm Family Succession (April 2008)

Everyday Is Saturday - Almost (March 2008)

Open Estate Planning - Maybe Not (March 2008)

Desperate Tactics Used To Stave Off Divorce (March 2008)

How Farm Family Relationships Affect Grandchildren (March 2008)

Attitude About Money May Define Relationship (March 2008)

Transition To Parenthood Can Be Tough On Marriage (March 2008)

Farming Is Something You Do Together (March 2008)

Why Men Struggle With Commitment (February 2008)

Dr. Farmer Tries Hand At Travel Writing (February 2008)

Open Estate Planning Prevents Family Problems (February 2008)

What Does It Take To Be Wise? (February 2008)

Valentine's Day: Just One Day Among Many (February 2008)

Country Life: Romance Tempered With Reality (February 2008)

Financial Exploitation of Seniors (January 2008)

Pattern of Financial Abuse Of Elders Explained (January 2008)

Parents Need To Be Vigilent In Era Of Media Culture (January 2008)

Readers Share Stories About Elder Abuse (January 2008)

Emotional Intimacy Outside Of Marriage Is Wrong (January 2008)

Resolutions Parents Would Love Their Teenagers To Make  (December 2007)

Dr. Farmer Gives A Personal Holiday Update (December 2007)

How Less Can Mean More At The Holidays (December 2007)

How Farmers Can Be Effective Leaders (December 2007)

Healing Emotional Wounds In Marriage (December 2007)

Mormonism And The Presidency (December 2007)

When The Dragon Comes For You (December 2007)

How Farm And Ranch Kids Learn Money Management (December 2007)

How Pornography Affects Male/Female Relationships  (November 2007)

Turning A Poor Listener Into A Good Listener (November 2007)

Farm Estates: When The Law Becomes A Weapon  (November 2007)

Making Memories While Growing Older  (November 2007)

When Divorce Is Right Thing To Do  (November 2007)

Stockmen Need To Fight "Independence" Myth (November 2007)

Conflict Resolution Can Be A Positive Experience  (October 2007)

Two Americas Compete For Time and Hearts (October 2007)

When Is Splitting Up The Right Thing To Do? (October 2007)

Forgiveness Is A Gift; Trust Is Earned  (October 2007)

Ten Problems Facing Society Today  (October 2007)

Are We Raising A Rich, Pampered "Woe Is Me" Generation (October 2007)

Jealousy: Something Can Come From Nothing  (October 2007)

How Dual Income Families Handle Stress  (September 2007)

Successors Make Parents' Retirement Easy - er - Easier  (September 2007)

Desperate Spouse Promises The World, Now What? (September 2007)

God Is Great: How Religion Benefits Society  (September 2007)

Educating Rural Children For Success (September 2007)

How Ideas Spread (August 2007)

Pride: The Bottom Of All Great Mistakes (August 2007)

Family Farming Is Special, But Not That Special (August 2007)

Sleeping With The Enemy (August 2007)

Grandparents And Farming: Relationships With Children Matter (July 2007)

An Inconvenient Truth: Cohabitation is Bad For Marriage (July 2007)

How Family Values Drive Red State/Blue State Politics (July 2007)

 (July 2007)

Mommy Shock: Are Daughters Prepared For Motherhood? (July 2007)

The Bond Between A Farmer And His Farm  (July 2007)

Family Breakup: Comparison Between The United States And Sweden (July 2007)

Children And The Global War On Terror  (July 2007)

When Brothers Farm, Wife Is Odd Man Out  (July 2007)

Heavy Television Viewing Destructive To Moral Values  (July 2007)

Guideposts For Graduates (June 2007)

Visual Media Undermines Basic Values (June 2007)

Marriage And Farming Don't Need To Clash (June 2007)

Schools Play A Vital Role In Assimilation Of Immigrants (June 2007)

Attitudes During Retirement Years Make A Difference (June 2007)

Ways to Disengage, Re-engage During Marital Conflict (June 2007)

How Rural Communities Cope With Immigrants (June 2007)

Finding Gold In The Golden Years (May 2007)

Seven Ways Farm Marriages Get In Trouble (May 2007)

Retirement: Giving Marriage The Time It Deserves (May 2007)

Tough Questions About Family Farming (May 2007)

Retirement Marriages Have Challenges (May 2007)

School Shootings: What Parents And Others Can Do (April 2007)

Dear Daughter: Have A Great Summer! (April 2007)

High School Romances Worrisome  (April 2007)

Five Reasons Farmers Put Off Estate Planning (April 2007)

Lack Of Emotional Intimacy Spells Trouble For Marriage (April 2007)

Family Caregivers Need Respite  (April 2007)

E-Harmony Or Egads? (April 2007)

Dr. Farmer's Observations On Rural Mental Health  (April 2007)

What Makes Men Unique? (March 2007)

Readers Comment On Rural Aging and Community Life (March 2007)

Religious Bigotry Has No Place In American Politics  (March 2007)

Two Community Leaders Respond On Rural Aging Problem  (March 2007)

 (March 2007)

Readers Reflect On Retirement (March 2007)

Self Discipline, Focused Goals Needed For Information Age (February 2007)

Relationship Stalls Because Of Lack Of Commitment (February 2007)

Farmers: Make Retirement A Goal (February 2007)

What It Takes To Be A Leader  (February 2007)

Love Needs To Be Expressed (February 2007)

Help Wanted Now: Rural Leaders (February 2007)

Observations On Retirement (January 2007)

The Foundation Of Good Family Life (January 2007)

The Challenges And Joys Of Home Schooling  (January 2007)

Problems Surface As Rural Residence Age (January 2007)

What Makes A Successful Father  (January 2007)

Lasting Change Takes Place In Steps  (January 2007)

Keeping Farmer/Lender Relationships On A Positive Note (January 2007)

Moving Is An Ordeal Worth Doing  (December 2006)

Food, Food, Glorious Food (December 2006)

Scrooge On The Farm (December 2006)

Ten Tips For Daughters-In-Law In Family Farming  (December 2006)

Why Couples Fight About Money (November 2006)

Do You Have A Problem With Impulsive Spending? (November 2006)

How Important Is It To Pass On The Farm? (November 2006)

A Grown-Up Version Of Happiness (November 2006)

Don't Marry A Jerk - Or A Jerkette (November 2006)

Rural Harmony: Go Along To Get Along (November 2006)

Re-entering The Dating Scene After Divorce (October 2006)

Seven Ways Parents Can Create An Angry Teen-ager (October 2006)

Breaking Through In A One-Sided Conversation (October 2006)

What Makes A Multi-Family Farm Successful? (October 2006)

Breaking Through Contentious Patterns Of Marital Communications (October 2006)

How Stress Affects Drought-Stricken Farmers  (October 2006)

Pay Attention To Spouse's Complaints Before It Is Too Late (October 2006)

Loneliness: A Modern Day Malady (September 2006)

Readers Express Appreciation  (September 2006)

Why Mutual Trust Is So Important In Marriage (September 2006)

What I Wish Couples Knew About Marriage  (September 2006)

Don't Give Away The Farm With Strings Attached (September 2006)

How Holding Grudges Harms Marriage (September 2006)

The Ten Most Beautiful Places In America  (August 2006)

Great Plains Face Daunting Challenges  (August 2006)

How Parents Develop Self-Esteem In Their Children (August 2006)

Seven Components Of Happiness  (August 2006)

Farming At The Next Level: Managing People (August 2006)

With Adult Children, How Much Do We Help?  (August 2006)

Applying Wisdom To Your Life (July 2006)

Feeling Stuck With Marriage Problems? (July 2006)

Drought Creates Fear, Apprehension In West, Great Plains (July 2006)

Living Together, Pregnancy Push Young Couple Into Adult Responsibilities  (July 2006)

The Everydayness Of Love (July 2006)

Moral Issues When Farmers Sink Into Debt (July 2006)

With Blessings Come Responsibilities (July 2006)

Women: Sex Is Important (June 2006)

Becoming An Expert On Your Spouse's Emotional Needs (June 2006)

Barriers To Intimacy In Marriage (June 2006)

Hollywood's Reality Is Not Harmless Pap (May 2006)

Retirement: An Ending And A New Beginning (May 2006)

How Farm Women Deal With Spring Work (May 2006)

Putting Farm First Causes Marital Problems (April 2006)

How Does Trust Come Back After An Affair? (April 2006)

Spirituality: An Antidote For The Ills Of Our Times  (April 2006)

Decision To Farm Based On Economics, Father/Son Relationship (April 2006)

How Peers Influence School Success (April 2006)

Husband's Control Issues Cause Havoc In Marriage (April 2006)

Workaholics Are Lazy People (April 2006)

Six Keys To Success In Family Farming (April 2006)

How To Stop Thinking Like A Victim (March 2006)

Raising Perfectly Good Children Imperfectly (March 2006)

Early Marriage Gets Off To Rocky Start (March 2006)

Challenges And Rewards Of Single Parenting (March 2006)

Getting Straight In Rural Communities (March 2006)

Overcoming Childhood Neglect And Abuse (March 2006)

Reader Talks About Sexual Problems, Pornography (February 2006)

Readers Describe Greedy In-Laws, Ask Advice (February 2006)

Helping Children Care About Others (February 2006)

Empty Nesters Need Adventures To Build Marital Bonds (February 2006)

Giving Away The Farm Backfires (February 2006)

ABC's Of Teaching Respect In The Home (February 2006)

Short Course On Romance For Men (January 2006)

Is Your Life Out Of Control? (January 2006)

Do You Farm With Your Brother? (January 2006)

Modern Threats To Family Life (January 2006)

Is Your Anger Causing You Problems? (January 2006)

The New Year: Time To Look In the Mirror (January 2006)

Matt And Suzanne: How To Stay In Love (December 2005)

Grandparents Can Make The Holidays Special (December 2005)

Rural Romance Turns Sour: The Alternatives (December 2005)

Make Your Gifts Memorable And Meaningful (December 2005)

Questions And Answers On Teen Relationships (December 2005)

When The Work Is Not Even (December 2005)

Are Cross-Sex Friendships A Threat To Marriage? (November 2005)

How Remarried Couples Relate to Adult Children (November 2005)

Rural Romance Turns Sour (November 2005)

Parents' Divorce Poses Challenges To Young Adults  (November 2005)

Treating Farm Women As Ladies (November 2005)

A Long, Long Path To Divorce (November 2005)

Tired? Tips For Getting A Good Night's Sleep (October 2005)

Drowsy Drivers Are Only Seconds From Death (October 2005)

Lenders Object To Negative Remarks (October 2005)

Ten Guidelines For Courtship After Divorce (October 2005)

Our Thoughts Make Us Angry (October 2005)

Mother Compares Grief To A Football Game (October 2005)

How Arguing Couples Can Change (September 2005)

Farmers: Are You In Financial Trouble? (September 2005)

Life And Marriage Not About Staying Busy (September 2005)

Readers Share Feelings On Women And Farm Ownership (September 2005)

Dealing With Verbally Abusive Husbands (September 2005)

Reasons Why Premarital Sex Is Not Good For Teens And Young Adults (September 2005)

Nine Secrets To College Success (August 2005)

Why Good People Cheat On Their Spouses (August 2005)

A Marriage Is Supposed To Be About Coming Together, Isn't It? (August 2005)

Cherishing: An Exalted Form Of Love (August 2005)

Marriages Flourish With Sacrifice And Devotion (August 2005)

Former Farmer Gives Advice: A Good Life After Farming (August 2005)

Breaking the Demand/Withdraw Pattern In Marriage (August 2005)

Dr. Farmer Shares His Experience With Prostate Cancer (July 2005)

You Have Not Walked That Road Yourself (July 2005)

Farm Woman Warns About Lack Of Ownership (July 2005)

Cemeteries: A Place Of Peace And Comfort (July 2005)

Who Are Those Schoolyard Bullies? (July 2005)

Survival Tips For Rural Living (July 2005)

What To Do When The Bottom Falls Out (June 2005)

Listening Can Turn Around A Marriage (June 2005)

A Wet Spring Is A Tough Spring  (June 2005)

Criticism In Marriage Is Delicate Proposition (June 2005)

Attachment Bonds Make Loss Of Farm Painful (June 2005)

By Doing Less, You Can Achieve More (June 2005)

Non-Verbal Language Is Pathway To Intimacy (May 2005)

Thoughts For Trace And Other 2005 Graduates (May 2005)

Move Over, There Is A New Queen In The Farm Yard (May 2005)

Foster Parents Provide Valuable Service  (May 2005)

Appreciating Your Wife On Mother's Day And Every Day (May 2005)

Readers Take Offence, React To Column on Farm Marriages (April 2005)

Peers Have Great Influence On Teens (April 2005)

Do I Confess An Affair? (April 2005)

How Farm Wives Became Miserable (April 2005)

Farm Marriages: The Rest Of The Story (April 2005)

What Do Women Really Want In Their Marriages? (April 2005)

Dr. Farmer Squirms, Explains, Apologizes (April 2005)

What Do You Do When There Is No Apology? (April 2005)

What Do Men Really Want In their Marriages? (April 2005)

"I Need To Live With My Grief" (March 2005)

What Makes A Good Enough Apology?  (March 2005)

Don't Marry A Momma's Boy (March 2005)

Readers Respond To Dr. Farmer's Column On Difficult Women (March 2005)

Meet Daddy's Little Princess - If You Don't Already Know Her (March 2005)

Four Challenges Of Family Farming (March 2005)

When Nice Isn't So Nice (March 2005)

Four Qualities Of A Loving, Life-long Marriage (February 2005)

Eight Ways A Woman Can Make A Farmer Miserable (February 2005)

How Much Does TV Help Or Harm Our Way Of Life? (February 2005)

Affection: The More, The Better (February 2005)

A City-Raised Woman Discovers The Farm (February 2005)

Are You On A Pathway To Happiness? (February 2005)

Are You A Fan Or A Fanatic? (January 2005)

Riding A Dangerous Wind (January 2005)

Some Thoughts About Goals (January 2005)

Death Can Be Merciful (January 2005)

Rural Social Landscape Changes (January 2005)

Facing Your First Christmas Alone (December 2004)

Looking Out For Other's Good Name (December 2004)

Bridging Red State/Blue State Values (December 2004)

Eight Ways To Help Children Cope With Divorce (December 2004)

Teen Pregnancy: You Don't Need It (November 2004)

What Young Adults Need To Know About Marriage (November 2004)

Advice To Avoid Dead End Relationships (November 2004)

Rural Teens Susceptible To Under-Age Drinking (November 2004)

When is The Decision To Divorce Justified? (November 2004)

Established Farmers Offer Advice To Young Farmers (November 2004)

What Is Grief Like? (November 2004)

Glory Of Championship Football Elusive (October 2004)

When Communities Obsess About High School Football (October 2004)

Retirement: An Ending And A New Beginning (October 2004)

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What Does A Leader Do? (December 2001)

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